Words & Writing Agency


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What we do

Jacoby & Whitehead works with words. We provide copywriting, copy-editing and proofreading services for books, website content, press releases, blog posts, features, interviews, think pieces. We can also manage your editorial projects from concept to publication.

We work in a huge range of subjects including the arts, science communication, storybooks, marketing, advertising, public relations and design. If you think your job is not listed here, do ask.

Editorial consultancy 

You have an idea you want to develop, but you’re not sure how to take it further. We can help you structure your thoughts and advise you on next steps to realizing your project.


You know you need some words – for your website, for your marketing materials, a pitch – but you’re not sure where to start. We can turn your bullet points or briefing into copy written with your target audience and your business goals in mind.

Copy editing 

You’ve worked hard on your text, setting out your thoughts and rearranging them into something that expresses what you need to say. But after that work you need fresh eyes to check that your thoughts do follow and agree, in sense, tense, clarity and in a consistent style.


Your text has been edited and is in good shape. But once it’s been laid out, for print or screen, does it still make sense? Proofreading is not merely a check for erroneous spelling and punctuation; should that hyphen be there, or does it look like a misplaced bullet point? Is the layout logical? We can ensure your text is as polished as possible before going public.